Your Robotics R&D Partner

Tanner Robotics focuses on developing lightweight "cobots" for the agricultural sector. Our robots are designed to enhance the productivity of pickers working in a farm environment. Our research focuses on minimizing weight to improve safety and increase runtime while delivering an economical product. We have complete system integration experience including hardware rapid prototyping, embedded electronics design, and computer vision software development.


Public Examples of Our Projects

Hardware Rapid Prototyping

We prototype our robots using the latest FDM and SLA additive manufacturing (3D Printing) techniques. We have several 3D Printers that assist with our prototyping and design efforts. Additive Manufacturing allows us to iterate quickly and economically on our prototype platforms. We have relationships with local machine shops for the fabrication of larger metal parts that we cannot machine in-house.

Embedded Electronics

Tanner Robotics maintains the talent, tools, and capability to produce custom motherboards and other PCBs for mechatronics systems. For our robotics division, we have focussed on creating a modular motherboard that can be easily adapted to the application's specifications. Our boards include power management circuitry, emergency shutoff controls, motor drivers, encoders, IMUs, and various other sensors. We are happy to assist in your prototyping and development needs.

Software Development

Our custom robotics software contains both high-level decision making modules and low-level drivers. We have developed software that runs on Atmel microcontrollers as well as embedded Linux platforms, such as the Nvidia Jetson. The software developed for our robots include several computer visions modules for navigation and pedestrian detection. In addition to writing our own code, we have development experience with standard libraries such as OpenCV.

Additional Videos

Robot Description
TR1: Produce Transporter Depth Perception, Pedestrian Detection, and Obstacle Avoidance
TR1: Produce Transporter Computer Vision Guidance Capabilities: Furrow Detection
TR1: Produce Transporter First Field Trial
TR2: Produce Palletizer Produce Palletizer Cable Arm Mechanism
TR2: Produce Palletizer Produce Palletizer and Produce Transporter Conceptual Animation
TR2: Produce Palletizer Robotic Arm Gripping Tests