Videos in support of Phase I for USDA Award Number 2018-33610-28229
Principal Investigator: John Tanner, Tanner Research
Lead Engineer, Merrick Campbell, Tanner Research
Academic Team Members: Prof. Joel Burdick, Caltech
Prof. Aaron Ames, Caltech
Nikola Georgiev, Grad Student
Eric Ambrose, Grad Student

Tanner Research Palletizing Robot TR2: "PalStaR"
These videos demonstrate the progress towards using our 8 foot robotic arm to move strawberry boxes.

System Demonstation Video

System Demonstration Video: The robotic arm unloads and loads a transport robot under manual control. The original animation can be found here.

(Note: a human is still "in the loop" to control the arm and adjust the gripper. Follow-on Phase II research will develop the software for complete autonomous operation.)

Phase I Task Videos

Task 2: First test of the gripper picking up a strawberry box.

Task 3: Demonstrating independent software control of each joint of the robotic arm.

Task 4: The robotic arm lifts a strawberry box 28" (the quivalent height of our transport robot.)

Task 5: The robotic arm lifts a strawberry box out of the transporter and places it on a pallet in 9 seconds (with a 3 second pause).