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Optical MEMS Corner Cube Reflector (CCR) Demo

The Tanner MEMS-Based Optical Identification and Communication System (MOICS) provides secure communication between an interrogator unit and a remote unit that includes a micromachined corner-cube reflector (CCR).

Most simply, the interrogator transmits information to the remote unit using a modulated laser. The remote unit demodulates the signal and extracts the data.

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The remote unit can communicate back to the interrogator by using its micro-CCR to encode information in the signal it reflects back to the interrogator. By using the interrogator's laser signal to transmit information, the remote unit requires minimal power and can be quite compact. (The actual process is somewhat more complicated so that the signal can be successfully isolated from other light sources and to increase the signal to noise ratio.)

Recently released browsers will be able to run this Java applet.

This research has been sponsored by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).


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