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Tanner Research has developed state-of-the-art bulk silicon micromachining processes and corresponding design techniques that offer the potential to make affordable rad-hard CMOS electronics, high performance mixed-signal ICs, and sensors that are monolithically integrated with active electronics. Monolithic integration offers significant advantages because the resulting devices can be smaller and more robust than comparable multi-substrate systems.

There are two primary reasons why our processes are inexpensive, even for small volumes. First, they are performed after standard CMOS fabrication; no exotic processes or materials are required. Second, they do not require expensive lithography which requires stringent levels of cleanliness and precision masks.

We are currently refining and automating our processes so that we can easily etch large volumes and chips fabricated using submicron technology.

This research has been sponsored by the U.S. NSF and Department of Defense under the SBIR program.


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