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Wavelet transformation of images has proved to be a valuable means for extracting spatial features for target detection and recognition, but application of this technique has been limited by the computational requirements of the wavelet transform. Tanner Labs has developed an innovative, compact analog circuit that computes the continuous wavelet transform in real-time for video sequences. Moreover, the user can continuously vary the transform's scale properties.


Our wavelet transformer chip could be used to augment existing video and other imaging systems used by search and rescue teams, marine research facilities, and environmental and bio-hazard monitoring agencies. Similarly, military applications could consist of detecting ground vehicles, ammo depots, or even individual soldiers, hidden behind vegetation or partially obscured by smoke. The sharp, even edges of a truck body or shipping crates would stand out in the wavelet transformed image as quite distinct from the natural, random edges of shrubbery or clouds of smoke.

This research has been sponsored by the U.S. Navy under the SBIR program.


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