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MCM above: Tanner high-speed video acquisition MCM (multi-chip module). It includes a custom imager fabricated with affordable MOS technology.

Tanner Labs developed the world's fastest monolithic active pixel imager (up to 1500 frames per second with a resolution of 128 × 128). Moreover, this imager is fabricated with affordable MOS technology, and it is monolithically integrated with a 20 megasample per second, 10-bit flash ADC.

The die also contains all necessary image and ADC clock generation circuitry, requiring only a single phase master clock be provided off-chip. We included this imager as a component of a 37 × 37 mm MCM that constitutes a comprehensive real-time video data acquisition system. Other components on the MCM include a system controller, a clock generator, and 16 megabytes of DRAM.

This MCM is a prototype that we developed for DARPA, and we are currently continuing its development.

This camcorder was developed for the U.S. Department of Defense as part of the SBIR program.

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